Shigeto’s new EP: Intermission (Ghostly International)

Loving this new EP by Shigeto.

This write-up on the label’s (Ghostly International, one of my faves) site explains it all:

Two years after Shigeto released his second full-length, No Better Time Than Now, the busy Detroit polymath, born Zach Saginaw, has finally taken a break from his endless hustle to update everyone on his current musical headspace. “I’ve been on the road for a long time now and also have been working on other projects,” he explains. With projects that include working on a new live ensemble arrangement, playing electronics in a jazz quartet, recording with Detroit rappers, and building a new studio, it’s no wonder we haven’t heard much from him since 2013.

“I haven’t found the next step for me yet. I’ve been making loads of music as always, but I’m still looking for that concrete new path.” Shigeto’s Intermission EP takes its title quite literally, then, presenting a snapshot of the artist’s transition between ideas and inspiration. Indeed, listening to these six eclectic tracks evokes a dynamic sense of exploration, excitement, and stylistic freedom.

Saginaw describes Intermission as a collection songs that “point to the past, present, and future.” His inimitable hallmarks are certainly there: the heavy drum-machine knock and jazzy synth flourishes of “City Dweller”, that airy thumb piano in beat suite “Do My Thing”, and “Pulse”‘s percussive, polyrhythmic grooves. They mingle with some fresh sounds from Shigeto, too. Mystic pads creep into the mix—especially on beatless, textural drifts “Gently” and “Deep Breathing”—and there’s a decidedly unhinged touch to how the producer uses samples, almost like he’s teaching himself a new language. But don’t get it twisted, there’s no grand vision this time out. “They’re not meant as a strong message,” Saginaw clarifies, “but more of a taste, like a halftime show of sorts.” So if Intermission is here to hold us over until Shigeto’s next big event, the record’s palpable depth and complexity say quite a lot about where the man is now and where he’s headed.

Source: Shigeto presents Intermission – Ghostly International

Stream Nico & Vinz’s new EP ‘Cornerstone’

I’m not mad about this new nico & vinz release, check out Cornerstone! They will be taking over your radio next year no doubt.

Premiere: Stream Nico & Vinz EP ‘Cornerstone’ Here | Vibe

Charli XCX – Need Ur Love (Japanese Wallpaper Rework)

[Japanese Wallpaper managed to make Charli XCX’s “Need Ur Love” make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, surrounded with happy dancing fairies. Feel cute to this:]

i need your love

i need it even when it hurts me

i won’t give up

Jon Hopkins, Catching Flies + More @ Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand in December!

Got some inside scoop from the Confluence on this rad-looking fest in Thailand in Dec. ft. Jon Hopkins x Chris Levine’s new iy_project, Catching Flies (live set!), Rhye, Goldroom, Daedelus, and more (check the flyer and link for lineup). What’s awesome about this fest is that it’s sustainability focused and eco-friendly; all fests should strive for that in my opinion!

Anyways, if you happen to be out in Thailand Dec 17-20, 2015, you should try to hit up this 4-day, family friendly fest. Check the vibe below, wish I could go!

SAINT CAVA – Bliss (album)

a new sensual, r&b act from copenhagen, SAINT CAVA.

this sound calls for a dark and stormy….and a slow lap dance in the dark? ha…..enjoy (groove especially to “Camo”):

Adele’s New Single “Hello”

[a big hello from adele]

hello, its me.

i was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet

to go over everything.

hello, can you hear me?

i’m in california dreaming of who we used to be

when we were younger and free

Thank Your Lucky Stars – Beach House

Thank Your Lucky Stars

Nice surprise album from Beach House (Sub Pop Records) today, perfect timing for your finally gloomy day in LA. I will say I am liking this more than their recently released Depression Cherry (which I felt was nothing different from their previously released stuff). Or is it because it fits the weather perfectly? I’m not sure yet, but I know I’m digging it right now, and so may you.

Excerpt from Pitchfork‘s review: “Thank You’s nine songs were recorded at the same time as Depression Cherry, and they do have a slightly darker edge: Legrand said that the album was more “political” in nature and that they felt the need for these songs to exist on their own, separate from the long-lens telegraphing of the typical album release cycle.” Into it.

Giorgio Moroder – Tom’s Diner ft. Britney Spears

Synth disco/electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder has collabed with pop princess Britney Spears to create a re-do of Susanne Vega’s classic do-do-do-do “Tom’s Diner”. Lyric video:

Synkro – New Album: Changes

One of my fave producers right now, delivering chilled out, moody, technical electronic beats for your mental moments and evenings. Check out his latest album Changes below, along with all his previous work. Will not disappoint.

Rationale’s Debut EP Fuel to the Fire

i wanna be

i know

if i’m the one you still adore

if there’s a chance, then let me know

i want to see that fire in your heartbeat

this empire of the sun singer/morrissey sound-alike has been writing and producing for huge names like Bastille and Jakwob for years, and now he’s put out some material for himself. and it’s not bad. it’s got the smooth electro rock flavor of today, with the unique deepness of his voice. i’ll no doubt be watching out for more from him. perfect movie licensing material me thinks.

Full Fuel to the Fire EP Here: 

SG Lewis – Shivers (HONNE Remix)

And I feel those cool rivers
Washing all over me
And I know these smooth rhythms
Make me move my feet
Oh you give me those soul shivers
Taking me back to the days
When music was a life giver
Make a bad man change ways

Queen Of France by Royal

I don’t care if you’re the queen of France
or a homeless man
It’s all the same to me
If I could have it any other way
guess its hard to say
It’s all the same to me
Oh Darling
It’s all the same to me

Where ever you are
we’re staring at the same old stars
both have beating hearts inside our chests
what ever you do
it all adds up to you
just do whats right in front of view

Queen Of France by Royal | Free Listening on SoundCloud.