Recomposed by Max Richter – Vivaldi, The Four Seasons: Winter 3

I can’t believe I hadn’t shared a dedicated post about Max Richter’s recomposition of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons back when it came out (and I was OBSESSED) in 2014.

Below is the video for “Winter 3”. Get moved.

I had included “Spring 1” as the finale of my Best of 2014 playlist.

I Feel Love, an immersive music experience ft. Giorgio Moroder, Armand Van Helden, Jackmaster, Soul Clap and more


Just Announced: I FEEL LOVE will come to life in Brooklyn, NY on September 9 and 10 at an abandoned factory, featuring performances by Armand Van Helden, the iconic pioneer of disco Giorgio Moroder, Jackmaster, Soul Clap, Oliver, Kungs, & original Studio 54 resident Nicky Siano. Imagine Sleep No More meets Studio 54, and the most debauch night from the 70’s, reimagined in 2016.

Immersive theater has definitely been making it’s mark in London & NYC, and is slowly making its way to LA. The dance club scene is tired and over done; with constant goals to pass the bouncer and get free drinks through your promoter friend.

I FEEL LOVE was conceptualized to be the answer to the burgeoning excitement and intrigue behind immersive theater + a new approach to experiencing music that does not entail the normal nuances that come with any old dance club night.

Creative director Toby Benson, says “I Feel Love was born out of a reaction to the homogeny that we are all currently feeling in dance music. We wanted to create something totally different, where your perception of a nightclub experience is fundamentally redefined.”

The website has an intriguing warning for attendees: “This experience isn’t for everyone. Please be prepared that you should be comfortable standing, walking, climbing stairs, being touched, interacting with participants, or being alone. Throughout the experience you may be offered alcoholic beverages. Also note, this experience may include nudity.”

We’ll see what surprises are in store for Brooklyn in September!

Are you in?

Tickets and more info at

I Feel Love Trailer:

I Feel Love

Band of Horses – Why Are You OK

Band of Horses was an integral part of my somber soundtrack during my quarter-life crisis candlelit baths. Starting with their 2006 album Everything All The Time (which featured their first single “Our Swords”), Band of Horses consistently put out music for my quiet nights alone, namely “Detlef Schrempf” (from Cease to Begin, 2007),  and “Infinite Arms” (from Infinite Arms, 2010). I’ll have to admit I might have been too preoccupied with electro/nu disco when they put out Mirage Rock in 2012 to have given it the love it deserved.

But here I am, listening to their latest release Why Are You OK and already with the first song, “Dull Times/The Moon” immediately takes me back to my 2010 self, and I’m not mad thanks to their consistency of good clean rock. 

It was time for a good indie rock album like this for the summer drives ahead (like War on Drugs Lost In A Dream was for us all in 2014, you know what I mean desert people!).

Thanks again Seattle & Band of Horses for another good rock album to keep us grounded.

Stream Band of Horses’s Why Are You OK here.

Flume – Skin (Album)

Flume CRUSHES again with his latest album Skin, which features a hot female vocal lineup including Little Dragon, Tove Lo, Aluna George, MNDR and sheds light on some new cats (including Kai who is ft. on the single “Never Be Like You”). Hip Hop artists Vince Staples, Raekwon, and Vic Mensa had the honor of throwing down some lines with Flume as well. A track ft. Beck closes out the album to let you go to sleep happy.

Flume’s konstantly been on the steep rise since his first single release in 2011 (“Sleepless”). He’s authentically and successfully created his own slow trappy electro sound that countless producers have been copying since.

Watch him dominate your radio for the next 3 years, at least.  No doubt rappers are knocking on his door begging him to produce their next hit. Enjoy this album all. the. way. through.

Happy Memorial Weekend ya’ll