Album Review: Four Tet “There’s Love in You” (10/26/10)

(written 10/26/10 for MojaMoja)
Four Tet is Kieran Hebden from London, England who gave himself that DJ name in 1998. He started out in the scene in the 1990s as a member of Fridge. There Is Love In You is Four Tet’s magic skills soothed and sophisticated. The album starts out with a perfect first song to get your ears ready for some alluring stimulation. It’s called “Angel Echoes”, which sounds precisely like that (a sweet, looping angel voice of course). Track #2, “Love Cry” brings the drums in, slowly. It’s not until about half way into the 9 minute tune that it starts to gradually climax with vocals and more bass and percussion. “Sing” is as dancey as this album will get with it’s short sounds of snare, faster beats, laced and brought all together with a voice of a somewhat-creature.
He ends the album with “She Likes To Fight”, soothing you with pretty guitar and soft taps of a bongo, making you feel like a flower in a dream (if you can imagine that). Four Tet has brought us an album that is perfect for thinking, walking, breathing, or anything that requires any of those three. The album is more enjoyed the whole way through versus broken by tracks. Hope you caught Four Tet with Jon Hopkins @ the Music Box 10/15 or at Treasure Island in SF on 10/16!

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