Lykke Li sticks to the new. (3/12/10)

(written 3/12/10 for MojaMoja)

3/10/11, Thurs night: Orange cones lined the streets right outside the Mondrian on the busy Sunset Blvd. Bouncers at every door knew all were here for Lykke Li. First come, first serve: no matter about the RSVP months ago.

The scene of the outdoor Mondrian: two big tarps, arches of vines, beats, more bouncers, screens showing images of Lykke Li and old movies, alcohol, cigarettes, hair dos and dids, flashing lights, chatter of “I work for this magazine”, and servers in white transporting plates of fries and more fries. Superhumanoids guest DJ’d as people got their pre-drink and smoke on by the pool.

Time for Lykke Li. Mad dash to the pool area (too bad most of the area is taken up by pool. However, a cool pool!). She rocks it as usual. Only playing songs from her new “Wounded Rhymes”. People from the crowd yell for “Youth Novels” songs and she refuses them. “None of that old stuff. We are sticking to the new.” From pumping the crowd with “I Follow Rivers” to sombering the deck up with “I Know Places”, Lykke Li put on a pretty legit performance for Mondrian Sessions that lasted about 35 mins.

Once the show ended, Superhumanoids continued their fun DJ set for a few more songs before sounds of Lady Gaga and Wiz Khalifa took over….

Great night at the Mondrian! Definitely looking to go to another Session! Thank you Lykke Li and KCRW!


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