Album Review: Caribou’s “Swim Remixes” (11/24/11)

(written 11/24/10 for MojaMoja)

“Bring us back together…” Caribou (Dan Snaith, another gift from Canada) has recently brought us a remix album of his latest “Swim”. Reasons to love this before even listening to it: 1.) To see the words “Caribou” and “Remix” in the same line already gives me goosebumps. 2.) Throw in mixer names like Junior Boys, Fuck Buttons, DJ Koze, and Walls: things are about to get saucy. And 3.) Um, I was already in love with “Swim”. Caribou’s beats are great to tinker with in the remix realm because they are somewhat imperfect in a (good) way that gives remixers a lot of room to maneuver. They can easily take different parts of his songs and emphasis or do whatever they want with it to make it their own.
Caribou speaks: “The remixers are all artists who either influenced the making of ‘Swim’ or whose music has excited me in the time since ‘Swim’ came out. It’s definitely not just another collection of remix-by-numbers – every one of these remixes is special to me. I hope you like them!”
Advice: When listening to #1 by the Junior Boys, make sure you pass the 4:20 mark….it gets mmm….
get some “umph” in “Swim” and check out the Remix album: (recos: 1, 3, 9, 10)


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