Songs You and Mom Can Agree On (May 2011)

Wiles Magazine had given me the opportunity to create a playlist for their May 2011 issue that was dedicated to mothers.

Click here to check out the Wiles interactive article.

Music can bring all people together and there is all kinds of music for everyone. Your mom probably had you listening to her song picks when you were in her womb. But now, what can you and your mom listen to together? For this month of Mothers, here is a list of songs that daughters and mothers can jam, sway, cook, eat & drink, laugh & cry to. Enjoy!

1. Oh Maker – Janelle Monae

How can I have this list without putting Janelle in here? All her songs are fun, and PG-Rated at that. Good beats, words you can relate to, and a great female voice.

2. Strange Overtones – David Byrne & Brian Eno

This happy beat is actually great for the whole fam during a sunny car ride. Also a great song to jam with Mom to while cooking something up in the kitchen.

3. He Won’t Go – Adele

Adele is another must for this Mom list. A mix of this sexy beat and Adele’s sexy voice makes any woman groove as she should while alone in her underwear in her bedroom.

4. Chilly Winds // Fink Remix – Nina Simone

This smooth steady beat can calm the senses along with Nina’s unique voice in the background. A little jazz bass is added towards the end to pick it up just a tad. Listen to this while drinking tea with Mom on a rainy day.

5. Midnight Love – Tennishero

This is actually one of the favorites of an actual mom; my mom! My mom has a sense for a good beat, and this has been one of her top picks from all the music I have given her. Think lounge disco beat, love, and something you can sway your shoulders to.

6. Variance – Aether

A nice mix of piano and a hip hop beat=a nice mix of something for mom and for you.

7. One on One – The Bird and the Bee (Hall and Oates Cover)

How bout a classic 80’s Hall and Oates cover by a popular band of today? Talk about catering to the generations. Their whole album, “Interpreting the Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates” is one to reminisce with mom to.

8. Lady Luck (Royce Wood Junior Mix) – Jamie Woon

Throwing in some funk for y’all here. We all know our moms got down back in the day, and hopefully still do today. This somewhat sultry/funky song can make any mom feel super hip.

9. Constant Surprises – Little Dragon

As Little Dragon is one of my faves, I had to pick a song that Moms and Daughters could enjoy together. The best part of this song are the lyrics, as I feel they are so true. If I could put all the lyrics in here, I would. “Constant Surprises coming my way. Some call it coincidence, but I like to call it fate.”

10. Re: Stacks – Sonos (Bon Iver Cover)

I would assume a mother and daughter would enjoy the women voice. Sonos is a unique acapella group who’s claim to fame (so far) have been their covers of popular songs. This one is perfect to go to sleep to and fittingly ends with, “Your love will be safe with me.”


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