New Music Fridays – Album: Lianne La Havas – Blood

It is time for this lovely lady to shine already. We’ve been watching her since 2009, and hopefully her new album Blood will be a breakthrough for her. Is it safe to say she is a beautiful culmination of Lauren Hill + Adele + Sara Bareilles? Curl up with this album on your couch, candlelit, with a glass of red wine and some comfy socks on your feet to end your day. [note: the album maintains a super chill laid-back vibe, until about a minute into the second to the last song. she/her manager probably didn’t know where to put that subtle punk-esque track so they snuck it in close to the end. but don’t worry, back to one last lullaby to finish off the album.] Good night.

Lianne La Havas - Blood

The fabulous Tom Misch presented us with a sneak peek into the album 16 days earlier with this perfectly funky-chill remix of “What You Don’t Do”.


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