Moderat – III

I haven’t anticipated an album’s release like this since Kiasmos’s first album in 2014. It’s sounds like Moderat’s (Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary) + Apparat (Sascha Ring)) that help me along this crazy ride of life. It’s the mental and emotional stimulation I get, without even having to think. Thank you Berlin for birthing so many talented musicians.

First track “Eating Hooks” subtly lures you in with a slow head nodding beat accompanied by the distinguished voice of Apparat. And you’re in for the ride as “Running” begins….and “Finder” reminds you why you’ve decided to let Moderat take you on this journey in the first place.

“Ghostmother” calls for introspective meditations of your relation to death, but knows that we’ll continue grinding along until our time is up. “Reminder” – well, banger single, what else?

Slow down to the “The Fool”, which inserts elements of darkness with bass guitar, which then transcends into the more dramatic (more angry) next two tracks. After banging on throughout “Intruder” and “Animal Trails” (thank you Modeselektor), the band makes a smooth entrancing “Ethereal” exit into the mental abyss that is your life….

Their bio explains III and what it means to the trio perfectly:

They direct their gaze inward, wondering: Where do we stand as humans, as men, as artists, as dads (in the case of Sebastian and Gernot)?

In the lyrics, Apparat gives an unfiltered insight into his personal take on the journey we call life. Modeselektor reach another level, developing an intoxicating energy with their unique rhythmical textures..[…]..Within the frenzy of the strobe lights, Moderat do not only make you sweat. They might make you shed a tear as well.

….now who can find me tix to the sold out LA Fonda show on 5/26?


Listen to III HERE.


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