DJs For Climate Action: Pledge Campaign


Calling all DJs, musicians, music fans, and anyone who cares about our future and environment: DJs for Climate Action are calling all supporters to take a pledge to leverage the power of music to amplify our roles in protecting our planet’s future. Check out their pledge video here, which features long time DJ supporters A-Trak, Anna Lunoe, RJD2, Soul Clap, Cosmo Baker, Bag Raiders, Gigamesh, DJ Spooky, Sammy Bananas, and more:

Get Involved Here:

This campaign, as well as others, benefits climate partners like NRDC.

DJs for Climate Action was started by Fool’s Gold Records DJ, Sammy Bananas. Our coalition of DJs and musicians use their craft and cultural influence to raise awareness and promote action around the global challenge of Climate Change. What started with year-end offset drives to take responsibility for air travel emissions has grown into partnerships with advocacy groups, mobilization of fans and collaboration with socially conscious brands. We remix the climate message to engage and inspire a new generation.

More announcements and events in LA, NYC, and in DC for the upcoming People’s Climate March on 4/29 coming soon!


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